Long Beach Will Gain Back Most Jobs Lost in the Recession!


 Contributed by Samantha Mehlinger

Long Beach Business Journal     

Commercial and real estate developers are developing new construction to meet high demands.

“It seems as though we have one of the lowest vacancy rates of any place in the country,” says chief economist Robert Kleinhenz from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation. He is in charge of the regional market which includes Los Angeles, Long Beach and South Bay. In Lee & Associates most recent market reports  show that high demands and tight supply are increasing sales prices and lease rates.

Kleinhenz noted that the vacancy rate in LA County are low while job counts are improving and new house holds develop. He predicts Long Beach will gain most of the jobs lost in the recession by the middle of this year and subsequently their will be a higher demand to purchase homes. In addition, this year will be the first year for former owners who lost their homes in the recession to have their credit records cleared,  which may cause a rise of former homeowners to enter the market.

The good thing is that it appears that the city of Long Beach is stable enough to withstand financial crisis.

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Easter Basket Drive


Ernst & Haas Management loves to be involved in the community. We believe in giving back to the same community that has fostered our business. It is delightful to give and serve others that are our neighbors and friends. That is why we choose to be involved by not just providing homes for individuals, but also by participating in local non profits that feel the same way we do. The Long Beach Rescue Mission has opened its doors to thousands of men, women and children for over 3 decades.  LBRM is dedicated  to helping individuals overcome the homeless cycle, achieve long term goals and make a world of difference in today’s society.

For that reason, Ernst & Haas Management is proud to announce its 5th annual partnership in LBRM’s Easter Basket Drive. Our team will be donating 8 baskets for 4 boys and 4 girls that will consist of candy, storybooks, Bibles, coloring books, Easter eggs, toys, etc. We look forward to including those children that are often forgotten.

If you would like to help, please visit http://lbrm.org/.

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The Rental Market

r          Rental properties are becoming very difficult for prospects to rent. One of the main factors is the amount of vacancies versus the amount of applicants. In addition, the average US households that rented during 2004 and 2012 has increased from 31 to 35 percent, averaging approximately 43 million renters.

So why is it that the market is picking up at such rate? Some speculate that it is due to the amount of foreclosures that arose in the past decade. Others argue that it is the cost of living that has changed and has forced people to rent. As vacancies become harder to find, rental prices continue to climb while wages have remained relatively stagnant. Especially in an overpopulated state like California.

As a result, renters are spending less of their money on food, healthcare, clothing and their savings to accommodate the housing market. The stress however is not only felt by prospects, but mainly by landlords and property management companies that have to be the liaison between the renter and the owner.

Nevertheless, it is still our duty to provide the best service to all of our tenants. We take these facts into account and only wish to help with any difficulties that arise.

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We have Moved!

Ernst & Haas Management is now open at our new location

4120 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807.

Here is a sneak peek of our office!

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We are definitely enjoying our new office and look forward to your visit.

This is reminder that our old location at 4000 Long Beach Blvd., Ste.105, Long Beach CA is permanently closed.

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Ernst & Haas Management official move!

movingSet the date.

Beginning February 1, Ernst & Haas will be at its new location, 4120 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach.

As one of the top property management companies in Long Beach, our firm has outgrown the old and is welcoming the new.

So many changes arise for the Ernst & Haas team, and our main focus remains with our tenants and clients.

We will continue to serve the public at both our current and new location.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We welcome a progressive 2015!


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The Yelp Kinder Army

a1We can begin this year with not just positive thoughts, but positive Yelps!

When a business does something good, why not let others notice. This is excellent not just for the business, but also for consumers. If you are satisfied with any business please tell others, especially Yelp!

According to Jim Handy ,the semiconductor analyst for Forbes,  Yelp reviews are not to be believed.

I found yesterday that Yelp filters results according to certain arcane rules that are not even disclosed to the reviewers who donate their time and efforts to the website’s benefit. When a business patron writes a review it may or may not remain on the Yelp site according to these rules. There’s no real way of knowing what will stick and what won’t”.

Then why Yelp? The truth is that Yelp being accurate or not is not what is crucial. Regardless, it will be used by thousands, perhaps millions of people. Therefore, join the Yelp Kinder army.

This army helps guard the reputation of businesses that are essential to your community.

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Drought Conservation

ca droughtCalifornia’s drought has reached epic proportions. Nearly 60 percent of the state is in exceptional drought – the most severe category – and farmers are depleting groundwater at record rates as wildfires break out north and west.

With this drought being one of the worst in the last 15 years, it is important that we do our part to conserve as much water as we can.

In an effort to conserve water, both the City of Long Beach and Los Angeles County has established designated watering times for residents to follow.

The Long Beach Water Department has asked that residents do outdoor watering on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays BEFORE 9 a.m. or AFTER 4 p.m.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has asked that residents with street addresses ending with an odd number – 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 – use their sprinkler systems (or water their lawn) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Residents with street addresses ending with an even number – 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 – are asked to use their sprinkler systems (or water their lawns) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Addresses ending in fractions are treated as whole numbers and observe the same day restrictions as others on their same side of the street (i.e. 4321 1/2 is regarded as 4321, an odd-numbered address).

For more information and tips for easy ways to reduce water use, please visit www.ladwp.com.

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