Renters Beware of Online Scams!


The internet has created instant accessibility for its users but it has also created a new avenue for imposters. This juxtaposition has made the web an effective and yet scary rental market. For that reason, it is essential that renters take proper precautions when searching for rental properties online. Here are a list of red flags renters should be mindful of.

  • Requests to wire funds
  • Unavailability to meet someone in person
  • Long distant landlords
  • Third parties assistance/ guarantees
  • Request for financial information
  • Links to “Free Credit Reports” by a landlord
  • Requests for a code sent to your cell phone via text or phone call
  • Curiously affordable rent prices that do not compare to average rent cost in your area

Furthermore, if you happen to run across any scams for any of our properties please feel free to contact our office.

You can also contact if you have fell victim to rental scams or wish to report fraudulent activity online.


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