Downtown Long Beach is Experiencing a Renaissance!


Keeley Smith from the Long Beach Post reports that the Downtown Long Beach Associates have recorded six million tourist for 2014 and $2 billion investments in real estates transactions, forecasting a new renaissance for the city of Long Beach.

The report indicates that 53 percent of Long Beach’s (DTLB) residents are under the age of 35, bike usage has increased over 21 percent and retail, restaurants and professional services account for 75 percent of new businesses in the area for 2014.

“There’s been continued talk about potential in Long Beach. Now we’re moving beyond the talk and getting results. Downtown is truly going through a renaissance” confirms Communications Manager Brian Addison.

Factors for the economic growth include people’s disposable income overall which includes downtown’s residents and visitors. The economy boost definitely includes the city of Long Beach.

Long Beach is also keeping up with the driving change that is taking place downtown and caters to bike cyclist. The 21 percent mentioned earlier are a part of the younger and wealthier residents that average an annual income of $58, 900- 54 percent of whom are male.

With a larger residential population, Addison predicts more disposable income, which will attract more retail, which will then attract more quality downtown.

Contributed by Long Beach Post