Ernst & Haas Management official move!

movingSet the date.

Beginning February 1, Ernst & Haas will be at its new location, 4120 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach.

As one of the top property management companies in Long Beach, our firm has outgrown the old and is welcoming the new.

So many changes arise for the Ernst & Haas team, and our main focus remains with our tenants and clients.

We will continue to serve the public at both our current and new location.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We welcome a progressive 2015!


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The Yelp Kinder Army

a1We can begin this year with not just positive thoughts, but positive Yelps!

When a business does something good, why not let others notice. This is excellent not just for the business, but also for consumers. If you are satisfied with any business please tell others, especially Yelp!

According to Jim Handy ,the semiconductor analyst for Forbes,  Yelp reviews are not to be believed.

I found yesterday that Yelp filters results according to certain arcane rules that are not even disclosed to the reviewers who donate their time and efforts to the website’s benefit. When a business patron writes a review it may or may not remain on the Yelp site according to these rules. There’s no real way of knowing what will stick and what won’t”.

Then why Yelp? The truth is that Yelp being accurate or not is not what is crucial. Regardless, it will be used by thousands, perhaps millions of people. Therefore, join the Yelp Kinder army.

This army helps guard the reputation of businesses that are essential to your community.

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