A Potluck To Die For!

Every year, Ernst & Haas hosts its annual Halloween potluck, where employees are encouraged to get creative with the dishes they bring. Every year the competition gets more fierce, with this year raising the bar! Check out some photos from today’s potluck!

A thrilling potluck!

Property Supervisor Jeannine Riley's award-winning yummy mummy! She won for the best decorated dish!

Property Supervisor Lorenzo Alatorre's tower of sweetness!

Edible zombie eyeballs, courtesy of Accounts Payable Gloria Becerra!

A spider's spin on bean dip, brought by Marketing Coordinator Brooke Karli!

Maintenance Coordinator Lysander Hortua's wormy cupcakes slithered their way into our tummies!

Leasing Coordinator Solita Heng shows off her fruit-filled pumpkins!


Halloween Health & Safety Tips

Bring home more treats than tricks this Halloween with these health and safety tips!

Halloween is only a few days away, and with all the hype surrounding the holiday, here are some helpful tips that will ensure your Halloween festivities are healthy and safe:

-Swords, knives, and similar costume accessories should be short, soft, and flexible.

-Avoid trick-or-treating alone. Walk in groups or with a trusted adult.

-Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see you.

-Examine all treats for choking hazards and tampering before eating them. Limit the amount of treats you eat.

-Hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help you see and others see you.

-Always test make-up in a small area first. Remove it before bedtime to prevent skin and eye irritation.

-Look both ways before crossing the street. Use established crosswalks wherever possible.

-Lower your risk for serious eye injury by not wearing decorative contact lenses.

-Only walk on sidewalks or on the far edge of the road facing traffic to stay safe.

-Wear well-fitted masks, costumes, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.

-Eat only factory-wrapped treats. Avoid eating homemade treats unless you know the cook well.

-Enter homes only if you’re with a trusted adult. Otherwise, stay outside.

-Never walk near lit candles or luminaries. Be sure to wear flame-resistant costumes.

Ernst & Haas would like to wish you a very fun and safe Halloween weekend!

Happy HalloWEEK!

Get those turtlenecks on because Dracula's in town!

Halloween is less than a week away, which means it’s time to get your ghoul on! With the hustle and bustle of purchasing costumes, stocking up on candy, and decorating your home, don’t forget to take some time to visit the haunted quarters of the Queen Mary, or show off your best zombie impression at the 4th Annual Zombie Walk! Here are some fun ways to celebrate Halloween throughout Long Beach this upcoming week:

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

October 27, 2011 – October 31, 2011

Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Hwy., Long Beach

(562) 435-3511 ~ http://www.queenmary.com

Dracula @ The Long Beach Playhouse

October 27, 2011 – October 29, 2011, 8 p.m.

Long Beach Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach

(562) 494-1014 ~ http://www.lbplayhouse.org

Halloween Costume Cruise

October 29, 2011, 8 – 10:30 p.m.

Harbor Breeze Cruises, 100 Aquarium Way, Dock #2, Long Beach

(562) 983-6880 ~ http://www.harbor-cruises.com

Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

October 29, 2011, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. & October 30, 2011, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Long Beach Convention Center, 300 W. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach


4th Annual Long Beach Zombie Walk

October 29, 2011, 2 p.m.

Pine Avenue, Downtown Long Beach


11th Annual Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade

October 30, 2011, 2:30 p.m.

Livingston Park, 4900 E. Livingston Dr., Long Beach


16th Annual Historical Cemetery Tour

October 29, 2011, 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Long Beach Municipal & Sunnyside Cemeteries, Willow Street, Long Beach


Adult Trick-Or-Treat Downtown Long Beach

October 31, 2011, 6 p.m.

Various Locations Throughout Downtown Long Beach

(562) 436-4259 ~ http://www.downtownlongbeach.org

Pumpkin Perfect Ideas!

Nothing says Fall more than a home decorated with pumpkins! Whether you’re carving it into a jack-o’-lantern, using it to make pumpkin bread, or making it your table’s centerpiece, the pumpkin will in one way or another hold the spotlight in your home this Fall. Here are some fun ideas:

-Bird Feeder: Get out a pumpkin and carve it to resemble a football helmet. On the pieces that would cover a players ears, poke holes on each side and string through durable rope. Fill the pumpkin with bird seed and hang!

-Floral Arrangement: Gut out a pumpkin and fill with water and your favorite flowers. Give it as a gift, or use it to decorate your home!

-Fill Your Fireplace: For those of you that have fireplaces, but never use them, spruce up that square in the wall by filling it with pumpkins. The color will liven up any room!

-Picture Perfect: If you’re looking to show off your family’s latest bundle of joy, gut out a large pumpkin and place your “model” in it and snap away!

-Light Up the Room: Gut out smaller-sized pumpkins and fill with candle holders and candles to light up your home.

-Get Creative: Use paints to decorate your pumpkins with funny faces, stripes, shapes, and designs.

-Party Favors: Whether it’s a Fall wedding or a dinner party, let your guests know where to sit by gluing name cards to small pumpkins. These also serve as take-home party favors.

This Festival Is Poppin’!

It’s Fall – the season where pumpkin spice lattes are brewed, jack-o’-lanterns shine brightly on doorsteps, and roasted turkeys take center stage. But this Fall, Alive Theatre’s 4th Annual Long Beach Poppin’ Play Festival upstages all other Fall festivities.

Alive Theatre, a group of artists that incorporates all art forms into each theatrical experience, strives to “strengthen the bonds among artists in the community of Long Beach and to act as a gateway through which audiences will explore the creative movement taking place in their very own neighborhoods,” their Web site said.

This year’s play festival will showcase plays from local Long Beach and Los Angeles County writers and will highlight a variety of themes. Performances will take place October 21-22, November 4-5, and November 18-19, with Friday performances at 8 p.m. and Saturday performances at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The lineup is as follows:

Friday Night’s @ 8 p.m.

“Headlights and Bush” by Aaron Van Geem, directed by Eammonn Fox

“Garden of Ashes” by Jan O’Connor, directed by Caprice Spenser Rothe

“Le Reve Collectif” by Robert Edward, directed by Kate Brown

Saturday Night’s @ 6 p.m.

“Awake from this Noirmare” by Shawn Kathryn Kane, directed by Andrew Eiden

“Raised by Wolves” by LaToya Morgan, directed by Ricci Dedola

“Good Riddance” by Ryan McClary, directed by Tony Bartolone

Saturday Night’s @ 9 p.m.

“Bring on the Dancing Girls” by Susan Eiden, directed by Ricci Dedola

“Rotations” by Bryan Madigan, directed by Ashley Allen

“Dracula” adapted from a story by Abhay Khosla, directed by Robert Edward

“Groove Apocalypse” written and directed by Robert Edward

“Return to Thunder Mountain” by Jasper Oliver, directed by Turner Munch

Tickets are $18 for general, $15 for students and seniors, and $10 for groups of 10 or more. Tickets can be purchased on their Web site or at the box office, located at 555 E. 3rd St. in Long Beach.

All plays are performed at the Embassy Ballroom at the Lafayette Building, located at 528 E. Broadway in Long Beach.

Ernst & Haas Has Your Back……..Pack!

This student was one of many to receive a new backpack at the Long Beach Rescue Mission's 1st Annual Back to School Carnival!

Last month, Ernst & Haas Management Co. had the honor of partnering with the Long Beach Rescue Mission for their annual backpack drive.

More than 1,000 backpacks filled with new school supplies were given to at-risk students at various elementary and middle schools throughout Long Beach.

This year, the Long Beach Rescue Mission hosted their 1st Annual Back to School Carnival, where students got to enjoy games, prizes, face painting, and of course, a visit from the Long Beach Fire Department, whose firemen handed out backpacks.

Ernst & Haas was proud to participate in the backpack drive, as we know how important it is for the kids in our community to be prepared as they enter a new school year. If you would like to join our efforts, keep reading our blog as we post upcoming community events that Ernst & Haas participates in.

Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Ernst & Haas Management would like to take a moment to honor the life of Steve Jobs, an American entrepreneur and inventor, and co-founder of Apple Inc.

Jobs passed away yesterday at the age of 56 following a battle with pancreatic cancer. Jobs is known as one of the greatest technological pioneers, having started Apple in a garage and transforming the company into one of the most successful companies in American history.

There’s much that can be said about the life of such a brilliant man, but President Barack Obama said it best:

“Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it. By building one of the planet’s most successful companies from his garage, he exemplified the spirit of American ingenuity. By making computers personal and putting the internet in our pockets, he made the information revolution not only accessible, but intuitive and fun. And by turning his talents to storytelling, he has brought joy to millions of children and grownups alike. Steve was fond of saying that he lived every day like it was his last. Because he did, he transformed our lives, redefined entire industries, and achieved one of the rarest feats in human history: he changed the way each of us sees the world.”

Although not everyone uses Apple products, no one can argue the influence Jobs had on technology – and the world. He was a profound individual whose visions came to life and were welcomed into homes around the world. His dedication and hard work will forever inspire the young and old to never stop reaching for their dreams.